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One Honest person In Obama’s Past, Please Stand Up

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on November 15, 2008

Obama’s adviser linked to a real estate deal Surprise surprise, yet another crook involved with Obama.

Valerie Jarrett is linked to Tony Rezko over land deals. We know Obama is linked to Rezko and Valerie. They are all long time buds.

I think we now know why none of Obama’s friends from his past has ever stood up and said, “You know, Obama is a really great guy. He is honest and loves to help people” Its because there are none. Crooks hang together.

Now that Tony Rezko was turned down for a new trial and is cooperating with the FBI we can only wonder how many times Obama’s name was brought up. Obama has proven what a liar he is many many times.

Its embarrassing living in a state full of stupid people who continually vote for the same crooks over and over.  My state of IL must be the most corrupt state in the country and the people I blame are the stupid people.

The dead and the people living in multiple states, you just voted in one of the most corrupt Chicago political machines in history. You cant pick up a Chicago paper without reading about the latest Chicago politician being investigated.


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