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Posted in politics by roving on November 15, 2008

As Obama’s spokesman Valerie Jarret says, Obama is prepared to take POWER and RULE from day one. I guess she didnt get the memo that presidents don’t rule. Their not kings. Unless…she DID get the memo…

Obama used race in the election for president. He and his supporters were the only ones using race. I predict he will continually use race throughout his 4yrs or less of the presidency. Its one of the ways to keep the peoples mouth shut. He used intimidation. People did what he told them to do. “get in their face” Some went further then that though. They became physical.  Police arrest a man for wearing a McCain T-shirt. Armed Black Panthers standing outside polling offices.

The 2nd way  is to stifle free speech is by passing the so called patriot act. The effect will be the end of talk radio. Its a fact liberal talk radio cannot make a profit and if they are to get equal time, advertising dollars will disappear forcing talk radio into the abyss. Reports say it wont stop at the radio. They may also go after the Internet.They don’t need to go after the MSN as long as they keep doing what they do. Keep most Americans in the dark from the truth.

The 3rd way, and we have already seen this and continue to see this in action. The control of the media. It had started years ago and have steadily gotten worse. This election year we have seen the end of actual news reporting and were bombarded with propaganda, lies, cover ups, and the editorializing of the news.

Obama will try and outlaw guns. If he doesn’t outright ban them he will make it so it will be very hard for a law abiding citizen to purchase a gun.

He will go ahead with embryo research even though the scientists have been finding cures without the use of the embryo.

Obama will push for abortions into the 9th month and infanticide because for some unexplained reasons, he seems to detest unborn babies. Isn’t it funny. “In order to be pro choice, you have to be born first”

Obama has been able to get away with lies all through the campaign. Now of course some is starting to come out. The media has known all about the lies but chose to keep quiet until their comrade was elected.

Obama as committed many crimes but will be untouched because of the race card. Logan act twice, forging selective service papers, money being exchanged between Obama and the Kenya government campaigning for a murderer in Kenya, campaign fraud, payoffs while in the senate.  He has played the race card to the hilt to protect himself.

The way things have been going, the government will be talking over most of the businesses using the excuse of bailouts.

Obama on the night he bought the election himself said there may not be tax cuts. I wonder what his believer’s thought when he said they will need to sacrifice? Wasn’t he going to pay everyones mortgage and heat? Since when does a democrat cut taxes anyway? Obama mentioned he may not be able to fix the economy. It may take a 2nd term. Hell, he is one of them that turned the economy into what it is today! Of course he can’t fix it. If you notice who he is considering for positions in his cabinet, you can see it wont happen also.

I have a friend at work. He is from Lithuania who became a American citizen a few years ago. He and the people from his country fear Obama. They know a communist when they see one. I told my friend, not all of us Americans are blind and dumb. We know what Obama really is.

The media as of yet fail to report about this civilian army Obama mentioned on the campaign trail. Some say oh its nothing but a peace corps. Well, for one, the peace corps isnt armed and they don’t serve here. I say its the equivalent of Hitlers brownshirts. He has a ready made army at his disposal right now. ACORN and the black panthers just to name two.

What are we to make of this?

Europe right now is all giddy we have elected a socialist/communist. What they don’t realize is that it also means if they get into trouble like say with Russia, who is becoming more and more erratic,  Obama probably will talk tough but will let it what ever happens, happen. No more America coming to anyones rescue. We to, could end up losing our identity just as Europe has began to by giving into the Muslims in the name of political correctness.

We will be attacked again and if Obama goes through with his plans of slicing the military by 25%, slowing down the developments of future weapons, dismantle our nuclear capabilities, we are just going to be sitting ducks and so will the rest of the world.

He may have to reinstate the draft. because I can’t see our service men and women wanting to serve Obama. He has shown what he thinks of our men and women by voting against funding for them and playing games with their lives by trying to stall troop withdrawals. I for one am glad I’m no longer in the military. It would make me physically ill knowing I had a commie as my commander in chief.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. If the republicans go back to being Republicans, they will clean up in 4 yrs. Stop trying to be a Democrat. One of the reasons McCain lost was because a lot of Republicans refused to vote because of McCain.

I think this quote says it best. “Europe is in love with the US again and the Middle East is Laughing at the US”


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